In the middle of every crossroads is a decision point. You can take the wide road or the narrow gate, but you cannot take both. Often, you need someone to encourage you into the path that makes sense for you.

Meet Shelly L Henderson, the Starting from Scratch authority who gives courage to those ready to take this new path and begin a more fulfilling phase in their lives but need a push to do it.


What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn the value of accepting your own story without settling for what society says you should be or do because of your story. You get to choose every day who you want to be and Shelly will teach you tangible lessons every time you hear from her. 

Who Should Hear Her

People ready to break out of the mundane, status quo life they’ve been living. They know there is something else planned for them but they need help to get on their personal path of fulfillment.

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You can have good. You just have to look for it. You have to try.
— Shelly
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Starting From Scratch

Shelly penned her first book in June 2018 as her first step in opening the dialogue about what it means for each of us to take inventory of our lives and move forward based on what we know plus what we want. Trusting your journey isn’t always glamorous but with Shelly’s flair for humor it’s always a good time!


We’d love to hear from you!  

Do you want to keep in touch with Shelly? We hope so because Shelly wants to keep in touch with you. Shelly and her team are currently booking her for speaking engagements, building a great network of like-minded individuals, and creating encouraging videos and social media live events. Please reach out to us! 

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