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About Shelly L. Henderson

Shelly L Henderson has co-owned Henderson Properties, a successful real estate and property management business, for twenty years. She and her husband Phil started their business before there was Google, social media, or mobile phones. While they were starting their business, they started a family. The lessons Shelly learned throughout growing a family and business are invaluable so in 2018, she graciously decided to share them with the world in her book Starting from Scratch. Today, Shelly shares hilarious, and true, stories of life as a business owner, wife, mom, carpool chauffeur, fashionista, life liver, and joy bringer. Shelly will give you tips on how to Start From Scratch every day, why it’s important to have a firm foundation, and why the people around you should be a team. She hopes you will leave with more determination and encouragement to go out and Start From Scratch making each new day your best day whether at home or at work.

Who should listen?

  1. Business owners

  2. People who are starting over or don’t know how to get started with something new

  3. New moms and empty nesters

  4. The person who feels unseen, unknown, and yearning for connection.

  5. Athletes and Parents of athletes

  6. Business schools at colleges and universities

Avenues for Shelly’s Speaking

Coffee and Conversations

Shelly and her team will bring coffee and morning pastries to help your team start the day with a positive shot of perspective. She’ll share her inspiring message with your team.

Total time needed: 1 hour

Lunch and Learn

Break up your day with an onsite lesson from a long-time successful business owner whose spreading her wings in her business. She’s learned a lot of lessons after 20 years of business ownership and is ready to share them with your team.

Total time needed: 1 hour

After Hours with Shelly

Grab your swig because Shelly’s coming with cocktails and stories. Learn from one of the best on how to grow outside of your comfort zone and walk into your best self. Shelly will share funny stories and business lessons with your audience.

Total time needed: 1.5 hours