My “Why”

Have you ever felt like you had something really important to say and couldn’t get it out of you? Several years ago, I had that very feeling but I didn’t do anything about it.  My life was in chaos. I was raising boys while raising a business; working side-by-side with my husband. Every day was different… our existence depended on who needed what and when. I learned the art of flexibility and prioritizing, often putting my family’s needs last. Over time this only caused frustration and anger because I was mad at myself for not being stronger and for not being more organized. I seemed to be looking at the glass half empty and was, in a sense, defining myself by circumstances.


After dealing with constant tugs at my heartstrings, one too many times of threatening to write the book, and my husband saying, “stop talking about it and go do it”, I finally did it. I wrote a candid account of starting a family while starting a business, with stories and personal reflection about the challenges and praises of owning your own business while raising a family. (You can buy it here!) The struggles were and still are real. The emotions, setbacks, struggle for work life balance may never end. But the “why” remains the same.

When we started our business, we made a hobby into a career because we wanted to do something we both enjoyed. We thought our hobby into career would also provide flexibility and freedom. I learned quickly it didn’t! We desperately wanted to succeed and do things the right way. We care deeply for people and the community. We are called to serve. I want to inspire people and lift them up. We were, and still are, trying to build a brand that does real estate differently; one with a personal twist. One that brings people at work together in community so their love and commitment to work and community will overflow into daily life. 


The “why” is so much greater than the success. 

When you realize what your “why” is you can live out your life to the fullest. People with a “why” are true to their purpose and shape their lives accordingly. People without it waste a lot of time wondering what their purpose is. My “why” is called Starting From Scratch because every day is a new day to make your “why” a “so that”. Your why as a question becomes the “so that” to your life. What is your “why”?

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Find out more in Shelly’s book titled Starting From Scratch which can be found on Amazon or through her website

Shelly L. Henderson is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and author. She is involved in the community and practices what she preaches. If you would like to have Shelly talk to your group or organization about their “why” please contact her through her website at and alternatively you can follow her on social media on FB and Instagram

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