The Negative Nellie Guide To Starting From Scratch

I have been distracted by negativity lately on all levels. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so to speak. Squeaky wheel being my thoughts. You know thoughts become actions right? I am upset at myself for being distracted. Not all of the time mind you, just sometimes; but enough some of the time to see what it is doing. Time to take matters into my own hands and start from scratch!

Photography by Dani Nicole Photography

Photography by Dani Nicole Photography

I have also fallen off the wagon with my healthy habits. It has been a vicious cycle. The power of positive thinking is a real thing. I swear I have been trying! But some days are harder than others. Agree? Maybe I should say challenging and not harder. However… sometimes we have to walk in the valley so we can appreciate the view from the mountain top. I am also learning how to do that. To appreciate the down times because I know without a doubt that God has a plan for all of us and he uses all things for good but it is up to us to do some good! I am reading Own Your Every Day by Jordan Lee Dooley. Still thinking about the first chapter when she writes “doors are the only way we allow others in and the only way we step out.” BOOM. We can’t walk through walls; the only way out is through the door. Or I suppose a window although I think easier to go through the door right? 😊

What is distracting you? What walls are you building around yourself? We can close ourselves off from the outside world to a fault. If you build the wall and only let a few people in you are not taking advantage of opportunities and or new people who may come your way. YOU my friend have a lot to offer. I know you do. What is the offering you have to give? Find it and give it away.

I often say in my Thursday live segments that we aren’t meant to live our lives alone without community. Forget even a spouse because we can isolate ourselves with our spouses and do too many things with them; relying solely on them for our happiness and fun. Where is the balance between friends/family/significant other/alone time? I am at a stage in life where friends have moved, kids are off to college, kid moved out. Therefore it has been a constant juggling act of who, what, where, when. The focus isn’t on everyone else anymore in my house. It is on me and what my plans are and what my future holds. Kind of scary, intimidating and exciting all at once. A little bit like how my oldest son probably feels living on his own for the first time! It is the circle of life.

What is distracting you from starting something new just for you? Starting from scratch is a great way to build positivity in your life. You know why? Because focusing on something new is exciting. Whether it is the challenge or the anticipation - it feels good! So here is the thing. I want to start from scratch. I want to be bolder. I want to be braver. I have a life that is built on faith, family and the American dream. I am living that. But what I want is more; to make a difference and experience life in a way I have never had the time to do before putting into practice my faith, family and new experiences. So I have decided to do some things alone. I want to step outside my comfort zone and see what challenges I am up for. For example I think I am going to register for a cooking class at Legion Brewery on June 29. Anyone with me?

My distractions have been not liking some good qualities that I have like organizing. I don’t necessarily want to be the organizer all the time but I should embrace that. Someone has to do it, right? I want to start a monthly book club because I want to read more and socialize. I want to taste more wines except for Rose’ because she and I are not friends LOL. I want people to do what they say they are going to do. I want someone to call me and ask me to go do something. Sidenote: those that do the asking would like someone to ask them sometimes. Since that doesn’t usually happen, instead of building a wall around myself and waiting for the phone to ring, I will be the organizer, embracing what I am good at, bringing people together. I can’t wait for football season because every away game is gonna be a gathering at my house. Don’t wait. Go start from scratch and find you in the season you are in right now. When we embrace the life we are meant to live and accept ourselves for who we are; acknowledging our flaws and accepting our strengths, all of a sudden, starting from scratch leads to open doors. You good inside the walls or you gonna find a door? Inside the walls is safe and secure but my friend, you never know where the door might lead. Go be Bolder. Braver. Make a difference and spread some kindness along the way. And remember if one door closes another one will open. Your life is full of opportunities but you won’t see them unless you open the door.

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Kelly Wallace