The Truth About Mother's Day

For me, as a new mom, “Mother’s Day” was special. There is a lot of anticipation and pride that goes into the first one. It should be special but then just like anything else the novelty wears off. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful and grateful to have my boys. That part never changes. They are my babies, no matter how old, until we take our last breath. I will always be their mama no matter what!

Let’s flashback 23 years when my first born made me a mother. It was right about that time, I started to find the whole concept of Mother’s Day a little ridiculous. I mean please… who has time to go buy another gift, two for that matter; for my mother and mother-in-law, let alone think of what gifts to give them? I don’t mean to sound harsh because if I were talking to you we would be laughing! But… think about it. If you are a mother and it is supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation for YOU then why are we running around trying to make it good for everyone else??

If you are like me you will tell your husband what to get you. Then, your kids and husband ask you what you want to do; or they ask what you want for dinner.

People!! I just want someone to make the day easier and relaxing.

Yet, it never is and it never goes how I had hoped: Breakfast in bed prepared by the ones I love with handwritten cards made by them. Add in no arguing and someone (not me!) cleaning up. Now, some years have been really memorable… like the one my grandmother got to spend with my mom and me. We went to one of my boys’ lacrosse games. We all had corsages and I just loved being with the both of them.

Mother’s Day can also bring up sadness and pain for some. I feel sad for the ones who don’t have a mother in their lives for whatever reason. So why draw attention to that?? I mean for real! What about the women who want a baby but can’t have one? I know it sounds like I am focusing on the negative and maybe I am. I am the voice of reason and feel it is a shame that we have to dedicate a day; one day, to show the women who birthed us that we love them. Really?? One day? That is all we get? Who gets the other 364 days?

Ah now you get it. Lean in closer and I will let you in on a secret…. It isn’t about the mothers after all. It is about the people in our lives who celebrate us. We can’t celebrate without the people right? So choose to celebrate all the goodness and show some kindness. Tell a special woman in your life that isn’t your mother that you appreciate her and why. One of my best memories, non-family related, came when my son’s high school friend, Hayes, showed up at my kitchen door Mother’s Day about 5 years ago before anyone was up. Seriously it was like 7:30 A.M. He showed up with a pastry and said how much he appreciated everything I had done for the football team and for him. I cried and will never forget that act of kindness.

Listen, just like Valentine’s Day, which by the way, is for the single people, the rest of it is pomp and circumstance. I don’t like that it is about the gifts. Buying a gift is too easy. I don’t like that the day adds another element of having to do something. I think it should be about the appreciation, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the other days of the year. Let’s show the women in our life kindness every day! I like that it is about the relationships. Go spread some kindness to a dog mom, cat mom, new mom, wanna be mom or the one who makes you feel special because your birth mom isn’t with you. Because every day is a good day to have “Mother’s Day” and besides… we all know that every day is really about us moms because “if momma ain’t happy no one is happy”!! TRUTH

Kelly Wallace