Chapter 4: The Entrepreneurial Myth And The Realities Of Leadership

I want to share with you a glimpse of my book. Even if you have read the book keep reading this. I am giving you extra insight into my story. Stephen Covey said, “Leadership is a choice, not a position” and he is exactly right. 

Anyone can be a leader. 

Do you hear me? 

It is a choice. 

Photo by Dani Nicole photography

Photo by Dani Nicole photography

Choose to lead from within and where you are. Not everyone is cut out to lead and quite frankly sometimes I really want to follow… I swear I do but it isn’t in my blood to do that.

As a leader, I want to talk to you about owning a business and leading from that position.

I too thought that people who owned their own businesses had it all. A lot of money, success, free time. LOL at that! Fast forward twenty years into owning Henderson Propertiesand yes, things are easier now… But are they? I seem to be more confident in what we are doing. I do have more time, but I also don’t have young kids at home anymore. 

I do have a few things to show from the fruits of my labor but then, like today when I got the tax return, and I ask myself why we work. Just to pay taxes!?!? After the sticker shock I do realize it is more than that.

I want you to know this:

·      Don’t assume your friends or family are “rolling in it” just because they own their own business.

·      Please use your friend’s or family’s services that their business offers. If you don’t do business with friends because it might “ruin the friendship” note that it might ruin the friendship if you don’t use them. Just saying!

·      Business owners are often lonely because they don’t know where they fit in with staff and sometimes different peer groups. It is lonely at the top so to speak. 

There isn’t a magic formula for success. As leaders, we should always be willing to learn and grow. That is the essence of a true leader. Admitting what you don’t know or what you can’t do helps you focus on what you need to improve. One cannot stay as is and expect to grow. You have to keep up with technology, branding, and marketing. Growth comes from learning as you go but also having trust in what you are doing. I’m finding it’s important to trust my staff members are doing their job too. We bring in great team members so we should trust them to do their jobs well.

Photo by Dani Nicole photography

Photo by Dani Nicole photography

The same applies to our personal lives.

With leadership comes opportunity and I am so happy to be able to use my business platform to grow into being a speaker. Evolving from business owner, to speaker is both exhilarating and scary. However, I have found stepping out of my comfort zone is helping me inspire others. For me, that is what life is about. No one will ever remember how much I paid in taxes, but they will remember if I inspired others and capitalized on opportunities. Taking risks, hoping that the risk becomes a reward which ultimately impacts others along the way will bring me so much joy! It is the rewards that take us to the next journey. It is in taking that risk it is that I realize how worth it standing or feeling alone is all about. Not everyone wants the risk. I am ok with that. Hope you stay along for the ride!

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