Building Relationships As An Adult

Building relationships as an adult is hard, don’t you think? Everyone seems so busy with jobs and kids and errands and social media. Oh, social media. What a hard world that has been for me to understand. But, I’m learning! I’m trying to make it positive and help forge relationships. This year, in my year of Trust, I am working hard to build relationships with people. One of those ways is actually through social media. I’ve upped my game on Facebook and Instagram. Have you noticed? I hope so! I hope you’re following and engaging with me. I so want to engage with you!

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(Don’t you like that I make it easy for you?!?)

I’ve also joined an amazing group called the KNOW Book + Tribe. This is a national organization with smaller chapters, or tribes, in cities across the US and Canada. Its goal is to bring together influential women to build business and relationships.

Let me tell you, it took some convincing on my husband’s part for me to join. But, I’m so grateful I did. Truth is it is scary even as an adult to try something new. And y’all, when I join something I make sure I do it to the fullest. So, in February, I hosted a few of the KNOW Tribe ladies at my house for a Galantine’s Day party.


Here is what I planned: I had food and drinks (including a martini bar) from Roots; my favorite local caterer. I kept it simple while also making sure every single woman felt welcome. I sent them several notes sharing how excited I was to meet them and how to get to my house.

You see, I think building community is about looking out for all the details of the other person. I’ve also really started to see that I’m a “giver” and sometimes that is a hard role to play in adult relationships. I’ve learned that not everyone gives back like I do. But, that’s okay! Learning to accept others and love them for who and what they are. I’m learning to accept and embrace people where they are. “Everybody Always” as Bob Goff likes to say!

Now, I don’t have to be best friends with everyone or anything. If someone is a taker, she isn’t the best fit for a giver. But, if I’ve got an encourager in my life, or someone who always responds to a request, then I think that is a good relationship for me. I like to be around those types of people; those that are not only positive but also responsive.

Here’s what I learned at my KNOW Tribe party, and what I’m learning from my KNOW Tribe friends: We’re all really busy. We have a lot of things going on around us and we’re doing our best to keep up. But, when we take a few minutes to respond to an email and take a few hours to enjoy martinis and red velvet brownies over great conversation with each other, we’re one step closer to forging a stronger relationship and building community.

That’s what I want to challenge you to do today. Do one thing that will bring you closer to another adult. Maybe it’s buying a coffee. Maybe it’s to send her a nice card. Or, maybe it’s making a phone call instead of a text message. Develop relationships with other developing people. Don’t settle for being a “good” person or “good” friend. Be a great one!

And y’all, if you’re enjoying reading these blog posts, please share them with other people. I really want to spread joy with everyone I get to meet, whether that is in person or online! Let’s grow the positivity in our world by sharing this online community I am trying to create. Let’s use social media for what it is meant for. We have to start somewhere. Why not start with me and you?

Anne Gaines